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Feeding and caring for a child


There are many problems of concern to any parent - as to disaccustom a baby from a swing . Problem how to wean a child from a nipples  is very significant. Occasionally theparent do not have enough information and skills as to disaccustom the newborn to touch. Occasionally very influential time to take maintenance of a child. Is your baby still can not take leaving of themselves why is needs of maintenance parents. Carefully wash your newborn 3 times per day. Читать полностью -->

  • Health and care of a child
  • Maintenance for the child baby
  • Newborn maintenance in the first month
  • Newborn care from 0 to 1 month
  • Care for the newborn child
  • Child care after hospital
  • Newborn maintenance at home
  • Maintenance for newborn boy
  • Newborn leaving following circumcision
  • Maintenance for a newborn baby