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Every parent awares that the newborn requires part of a carefully leaving. Wash your newborn in a evening. Not anything correct to feed the child thoracal milk. A lot of problems that concern to responsible parent - how to disaccustom child to suckle . Problem how to wean a newborn from diapers  is highly serious. Often aparent have not enough information and skills however to disaccustom a newborn from diapers. Occasionally very significant time to take care of a baby. Is your newborn still may not take maintenance of themselves and therefore is needs of leaving parents. Careful note requires be given to diet and feed. Special note should be paid the baby's schedule for.

However to wean from sucking

In a case that the newborn is sucking a soothers and will not give it to parent, when parent said, do so:

Never give the soother sweet.

A child often mimics other newborn.

Set the conditions under which it is possible to suck a pacifier - during a illness and be steadfast. Persistently but gradually declining span of period when a newborn is allowed sucking a soothers.

Show baby to a older baby - they not to the soothers.

Entertain with in addition, give gifts.

Invite a baby to gift the pacifiers a people newborn knows, for example to a parent.

Foster your child for refusal of sucking

However to stop breastfeed

Porridge oatmeal,wheat, semolina - this is best morning breakfast for child

The most useful of porridge - semolina,corn,buckwheat.

A more water a baby tea, breeding juice, compote of melon.

At a satisfying breakfast baby may propose 1/2 of boiled egg.

In gruel, can be added cut into slices plum. At the early breakfast, the child is better to propose porridge.

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