Newborn maintenance at home


Normal medic awares that a newborn needs every day care. How to take care for the newborn - every parent worries. A lot of issues of worry to any mother - as to disaccustom child cry . Issues wean the newborn from night feeding  is extremely serious. Often afather and mom lack the information and skills how to disaccustom a baby from the habit . Occasionally extremely serious time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take care of themselves and why in need of care parents. Immediately of the birth of the child require parent maintenance other.

As to feed a child years

Add a gruel a cutoff of the butter, some 5 g.

Number of gruel may be 130-180 grams. For a satisfying breakfast, a child is better to propose gruel.

However to wean off suck

In the event that a baby suck a soother and do not want give it to parent, if parent said, try the following:

Foster your newborn for refusal of suck

Invite a newborn to give his nipple a people he likes, as a parent.

Point out to a other newborn - they do not a nipple. Steadily reduced time of time when a child is permitted sucking.

Child always need to be parents and imitate older baby.

Never give a nipple sweet.

Install conditions then it is possible sucking a nipple - during the illness then father and mum must be firm.

Entertain with it further, donate stickers.

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