Care of a newborn girl


There are a lot of questions of worry to each mother - as to wean the newborn from the mother . Issues how to disaccustom a child from feeding is highly serious. Often amom and father do not have enough information and skills as to disaccustom a child waking up at night . Often extremely significant time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take maintenance of themselves therefore is needs of leaving mom and father. Special note needs be paid to schedule for and feeding. Immediately after birth of the child needs especially leaving. Particular note should be paid to newborn hygiene. Carefully wash the baby 3 times daily.

Care Tips

Amount of gruel can be 150-180 g.

The more water a baby tea, juice, infusion of fruit. For a satisfying breakfast, a baby is better to propose gruel.

Add a gruel a cutoff of butter, around 3 g.

In gruel, can be added cut into slices apples.

At reasonable breakfast child can propose 0.5 of boiled egg.

As to disaccustom from sucking

In the case that a baby suck the pacifiers and do not want give it to parent, if parent try, do then:

Set a conditions then newborn can sucking a pacifiers - before bedtime then father and mother must be strong.

Encourage your baby for refusal of suck

Entertain with in addition, donate stickers. Gradually but steadily reduced period of time when a baby is allowed sucking.

Do not let the soother confection.

Show newborn to the older newborn - they not to suck.

Ask a newborn to give the nipple a people child knows, for example to a parents.

The baby often mimics other older baby.

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