Feeding and caring for a newborn


There are many thinks which worry to modern parent - however to disaccustom a baby sucking tongue . Questions how to wean a newborn suck his thumb is very influential. Sometimes thefather and mum have not enough skills and information however to wean a child . Occasionally highly influential time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take care of themselves and why in need of care mother. How to look after for the baby - every mum cares. Wash your baby 2 times a day. Careful note needs be paid to diet and feed.

As to nourish a baby

Add the porridge a reasonable piece of cow butter, about 4 g.

For the morning breakfast child may offer 0.5 of chicken egg.

The more water a child milk, juice, compote of fruit. For early breakfast, the baby is better to offer porridge.

Porridge buckwheat,rice, grits - this is best satisfying breakfast for child

The most helpful of gruel - semolina,millet,oatmeal.

Quantity of meals may be 120-200 grams.

As to wean off suck

In the event that the baby suck a pacifiers and do not want give it to mum and father, when parent try, do then:

Point out to the other child - that do not suck.

Set a conditions then baby may to suck a pacifiers - baby is sick then parent must be strong.

Foster the child for refusing suck

Newborn always want to be parent and imitate parents.

Play with it further, give stickers.

Do not give the nipple sweet.

Ask a baby to gift his nipple a people child likes, as a grandparent. Persistently shrinking span of time when a baby is permitted sucking the pacifier.

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