Supervision and maintenance of a child


Modern doctor knows that a newborn needs part of a carefully care. Not anything correct to nourish the baby thoracal milk. A lot of problems of worry to responsible parent - how to disaccustom newborn from bottle . Problem as to disaccustom a baby from a swing  is extremely significant. Often themum have not enough skills and information how to wean a baby from feeding. At times extremely significant time to take leaving of a newborn. Is your baby still can not take maintenance of himself and therefore in need of care mother. Particular note should be paid a newborn's schedule for. Following the birth of the newborn require father maintenance other. Carefully wash your child 2 times daily. How to take care for a child - every doctor worries.

However to feed a child baby

Porridge buckwheat,corn, semolina - this is the best satisfying breakfast for baby

The most helpful of porridge - grits,corn,buckwheat. At the first breakfast, the child is correct to propose gruel.

Add the gruel a a little piece of the butter, about the size of 5 grams.

As to wean from the soothers

If the newborn is sucking the nipple and do not want return it to parent, if mum try, do so:

Invite a baby to give his pacifiers a people baby likes, for example to a parents.

A child often mimics other parent. Carefully but gradually shrinking time of time when a child is permitted sucking.

Play with it further, give gifts.

Show child to a other baby - that do not the soothers.

Set the conditions then newborn may sucking a soother - at bedtime then father and mum must be firm.

Do not give the soother candy.

Foster the baby for refusing suck

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