Child care from 0 to 1 month


Special attention should be paid to baby health. Careful note should be given to ration and feeding. Best solution to feed the newborn thoracal milk. There are a lot of thinks which concern to solicitous parent - however to disaccustom a baby to touch. Thinks how to wean a newborn from a hands of  is highly significant. Sometimes themother lack a skills and knowledge however to disaccustom a newborn from diapers . At times extremely significant time to take care of a baby. Is your newborn still may not take leaving of themselves therefore is needs of care parents. Modern medic awares that a newborn requires every day maintenance. Thoroughly wash a baby in a evening.

However to disaccustom off a pacifiers

If the baby is sucking a soothers and do not want return it to mom and father, if mum and father ask, do so:

The newborn often mimics other older older people.

Play with in addition, donate stickers.

Ask a newborn to gift the soothers a people he likes, as a mom and father.

Encourage your baby for refusing suck

Install conditions under which newborn may sucking a soothers - baby is sick then parents must be strong.

Point out to the other child - they do not sucking. Persistently reduced time of period when a child is allowed sucking.

Never offer the pacifier candy.

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